Simon Mears Audio, horn loudspeakers

Welcome to Simon Mears Audio

I have been involved in the design and build of horn loaded loudspeakers for some ten years now, in conjunction with valve aficionados far and wide. I began at the deep-end with precise replications of the Tannoy Autograph enclosure, originally designed in the 1950s, which offered an insight into music that I had never before appreciated; being totally enveloped in sound.

I have worked through many designs, horn types and drive units, building several prototypes using different materials, to establish the qualities in sound which I am looking to achieve in sound reproduction. Those who are unfamiliar with the sound of well implemented horns, will note an effortless, clear and room-filling sound, quite unlike the characteristics of conventional speakers. This sound is recognised from only a few watts amplification, due to the very high efficiency of horn speakers.

I build my speakers by hand in Brighton, UK, using high quality components, from capacitors to veneers, each pair of speakers being unique, expertly constructed and tested, and individually built to ensure a strong element of customer care from the outset. There is much written on the history and benefits of horn loaded speakers, but they really need to be heard for a good understanding as to why they are unique in their ability to reproduce sound, so please contact me to arrange a hearing.

The range of speakers offered will grow as I continue to expand. I am at present designing, building and testing various sizes of horn loaded speakers, together with a 300B amplifier by David Wright.