Simon Mears Audio, horn loudspeakers

Ageless design, unparalleled quality

These speakers are the result of extensive research, design, complex cabinet making and component matching to achieve the highest and most accurate degree of authenticity and sound quality. The cabinets are built by myself and John McClafferty. John is an engineer and has been building bespoke furniture for over 30 years. We build these speakers millimetre true to the original plans and I have had the privilege of cross-referencing our plans with an original Autograph speaker to be completely sure of their authenticity. They are built with the finest grade birch plywood and we use especially made precision aluminium jigs and templates to ensure the results are perfect. The finishing trim and mouldings are solid hard woods and everything has been considered; from the glue and joinery methods to the original veneer and finishes we offer. We consider these speakers to be pieces of furniture and build them as such.


David Wright is well known for his valve amplifier designs and is the current service engineer for Border Patrol and Audio Innovations equipment. His insight and experience was intrinsic to voicing these speakers, he painstakingly researched and built the crossover networks to exacting standards, specifically choosing and sourcing the parts and winding the inductors by hand before measuring and testing them. These networks are externally housed in wooden cases with copper detailing and solid brass control knobs for the treble energy and roll-off.


Needless to say we are all very passionate about what we do. Obviously the Drive Units are carefully chosen and original and are supplied freshly re-coned and warranted from Lockwood Audio, who are acknowledged experts in the field. The only area where it was impossible to stick to our goal of 100% originality is the grille cloth, as it is simply unavailable. However the Tygan cloths we have available are beautifully woven and in keeping with the design and period. We also felt that the original binding posts, as well as being unavailable, were an area that could be improved upon resulting in the use of posts from Audio Note UK. The crossovers are re-manufactured to the original drawings avoiding the use of electrolytic capacitors and use high quality bespoke and hand-wound components, all internal wiring is a combination of silver and copper.


If you have your own Monitor Golds, Reds or Silvers we are happy to build you cabinets for your existing units. Summing up the sound is not easy but as David put it on our first listen, “they are deeply impressive”. They are open with real life transients and utterly effortless in presentation. You are very welcome to visit us and hear for yourselves just how good these speakers sound, just contact us and we will happily assist. These speakers are built to order and please allow one and a half to two months for us to build and test them. Please feel free to contact us for pricing or information; we can deliver by hand and set up as well as provide photographs of your build as the speakers progress.