Simon Mears Audio, horn loudspeakers

Some independent comments

A testimonial from me might be somewhat incestuous but what I have said to others is that these speakers give a huge, literally wall to wall image on orchestral music, but a solo singer sounds like a single person. Very few speakers can do this well and none that I have heard are as convincing as these

David Wright


Beautifully made and yet surprisingly discrete given their size, effortlessly smooth room filling sound. Another example that begs the question, what have speaker manufacturers been doing for the past 50 years?

Guy Sergeant, Puresound


They are not about Hi-Fi in the mainstream sense, in fact far removed from the Hi-Fi rat race, they are for people who have done the Hi-Fi thing and just want to settle down to a system that they can live with for good. You are never going to compare them with anything else. If they were a house they would be an Ancient timbered detached house in the countryside that’s been handed down through generations and the idea of them leaving the family would be inconceivable

Rob Struthers, Audiophile