Simon Mears Audio, horn loudspeakers

Effortless dynamics, flawless beauty

The aim behind the design of the Uccello was to create a domestically acceptable horn system without compromising the sonic benefits of horn loudspeakers, which I feel has been achieved. The Uccellos are a 3-way fully horn-loaded design, incorporating a 15-inch bass driver in a folded horn, an elliptical solid wood mid range horn with a 2-inch throat (the wood is 3 inches thick) and a tractrix solid wood tweeter horn. The cabinets are built and finished to a very high standard.


Every part of the cabinets is hand crafted by myself in Brighton. All the components are of the highest quality, from crossovers to drivers, and the speakers are 105 dB sensitive, so a superb match for low-power valve amplification.


The speakers take approximately two to three months to build and at present there is a waiting list as they are built to order.


Technical Specifications:


Frequency response: 56Hz - 18kHz

Impedance: 8 ohms

Sensitivity: 105 dB

Power requirements: 4 - 5 watts minimum

Dimensions: H 950mm x W 775mm x D 497mm

Weight: 70kg (154 lbs) each

Veneer: Choice of selected quality veneer, built to order

Cabinet: 18 and 24mm Birch with solid hardwood trim

Horns: Birch

MSRP: £10,500 (pair)


“They are not about Hi-Fi in the mainstream sense, in fact far removed from the Hi-Fi rat race, they are for people who have done the Hi-Fi thing and just want to settle down to a system that they can live with for good. You are never going to compare them with anything else. If they were a house they would be an ancient timbered detached house in the countryside that’s been handed down through generations and the idea of them leaving the family would be inconceivable”.

“This room was very much the highlight for me at Scalford. The Uccellos are a masterpiece, both in sound and form. Everything in the room was a testament to beautiful craftsmanship as well as service to music. I kept coming back to the room, it reminded me of the beauty of horns whilst subtly refining on the Klipsch virtues into a more rounded and complete speaker. I heard a Hank Mobley Classic Records reissue and was reminded once again that there is nothing like a good recording of a horn, heard through a good horn speaker”.